Eventlet 0.9.12 released

Hey there, it’s another release of Eventlet! This is a pretty short changelog, but if you’re using Eventlet with the Twisted hub, you may wish to look this over (and let me know who you are, by the way, I’d like to know who’s out there using Twisted).

* Eventlet no longer uses the Twisted hub if Twisted is imported — you must call eventlet.hubs.use_hub(‘twistedr’) if you want to use it. This prevents strange race conditions for those who want to use both Twisted and Eventlet separately. * Removed circular import in twistedr.py
* Added websocket multi-user chat example
* Not using exec() in green modules anymore.
* eventlet.green.socket now contains all attributes of the stdlib socket module, even those that were left out by bugs.
* Eventlet.wsgi doesn’t call print anymore, instead uses the logfiles for everything (it used to print exceptions in one place). * Eventlet.wsgi properly closes the connection when an error is raised * Better documentation on eventlet.event.Event.send_exception
* Adding websocket.html to tarball so that you can run the examples without checking out the source


The MD5 of the tarball is: 96edb9eb4f73863f3d19afb5d5c85854

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