0.9.10 out!

This is a stability release. There’s naught new except for greendns, which is probably not going to affect most people because most people don’t have dnspython installed already. But you should install it! Because it makes your dns queries non-blocking and snappy. Here’s the changelog:

* Greendns: if dnspython is installed, Eventlet will automatically use it to provide non-blocking DNS queries. Set the environment variable ‘EVENTLET_NO_GREENDNS’ if you don’t want greendns but have dnspython installed. * Full test suite passes on Python 2.7.
* Tests no longer depend on simplejson for >2.6.
* Potential-bug fixes in patcher (thanks to Schmir, and thanks to Hudson) * Websockets work with query strings (thanks to mcarter)
* WSGI posthooks that get called after the request completed (thanks to gholt, nice docs, too)
* Blocking detector merged — use it to detect places where your code is not yielding to the hub for > 1 second (this could use documentation) * tpool.Proxy can wrap callables
* Tweaked Timeout class to do something sensible when True is passed to the constructor

I hope you are having a sensational week!

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  1. Posted by akibalogh on March 31, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    Eventlet team — I really love eventlet, esp. because it doesn’t break celery like gevent does, but you should definitely add dnspython to the dependency list on install. dnspython makes a huge difference in performance, and it took me a few days to figure out that I was just missing a simple library.

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